What are you passionate about? What has you excited to get out of bed each morning? What are you contributing to the world?


Meet my passion projects. 

Remote Year 


Greg Caplan, who is on a mission to change the way the world works, founded Remote Year. When he released the idea to the world, he had 25,000 applicants and there were 75 people selected to participate. This is what has made it possible to live and pursue the life of traveling while working remotely. I am so grateful to be a part of something so extraordinary. 

While we all come from different backgrounds, parts of the world, and areas of expertise, all of us believe that great work can be done anywhere. We also believe that community, experiences, and happiness are more important than things. We will be in 12 international cities over the course of this year. 

Check out the website: www.remoteyear.com

Financial Fitness Unleashed 


My best friend and business partner, Raechelle Minney, founded this company. We are on a mission to change the way.....

Help transform financial.... 


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The perfect Travel Dress

We are 2 professional women traveling the world with Remote Year. Through all are adventures of hiking, biking, sky diving, jumping into the sea, ... we find ourselves wearing dresses most of the time. We decided that we wanted to create the perfect travel dress. The idea came about in Slovenia, we came up with our first design while in Cavtat, Croatia, and we are now making our first model in Istanbul, Turkey.  Since we are off to Asia, we are focusing on the perfect Remote Wrap that is perfect for going to the beach to the office or .. throw on a pair of earnings and you can take it out to dinner! 


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